5 Must Have On Board Items For The Frequent Flyers

Written by admin on November 27, 2012 – 11:43 am -

Frequent flyers can spend more hours on board a plane than in their own home. The countless hours of traveling can leave flyers tired and annoyed. There are many products out on the market that can help the hours in air go by faster and more comfortably. These five products are must-have items for every frequent traveler to make their flights much more pleasant.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A pair of high-quality headphones is must-have item for any frequent traveler. They will make your flying experience much more relaxing and comfortable. These headphones will allow the user to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or movies clearly without interference from other travelers or sounds coming from the plane. They are also very useful when trying to sleep in a noisy cabin. Wearing the headphones without being plugged in can help flyers not experience ear discomfort during the ascent and descent.

Luxury Pillow and Blanket Set

Gone are the days when airlines would provide travelers with blankets and pillows. Unless you travel first class, most airlines no longer offer these amenities. Frequent flyers should always carry their own blanket and pillow for a flight. Temperatures inside a plane can vary greatly and they often are very cold. There are many luxury travel sets with pillows and blankets made of high-quality materials such as cashmere. This will ensure that you can sleep comfortably during your flight while snuggling under your blanket.

A Tablet or Notebook Computer

Hours spent on a plane can seem excruciatingly long when you are bored. Use this time to work, watch a movie, or play some games to keep you entertained. Tablets are an excellent companion for a frequent flyer because they allow users to do all of the above. Many planes now offer wireless internet on board so travelers can surf the net while in the air.

A Good Moisturizer

The recycled air on a plan can dry out your skin. Frequent flyers often find themselves with dry, damaged, and chapped skin. It is important to apply a good and thick moisturizer on the face and body before a flight. If the flight is on the longer side, moisturizer should be reapplied every couple of hours. A lip balm can also be very helpful in preventing chapped lips. A thick hand lotion will keep your hands moisturized and smooth.

A Practical Carry-on

Frequent flyers spend so many hours flying that they don’t want to add extra time to their trips waiting for their bags at the baggage claim. A practical carry-on bag will allow travelers to carry all of their items on board the plane and leave the airport right after their arrival. It is important to also have travel-size toiletries that are allowed through security. Taking your carry-on bag with you on the flight will also eliminate the risk of a lost bag ruining your plans.

Having the appropriate gear will turn any flight from nightmare to pleasant. These items will help you stay comfortable and entertained during your flight. They are practical and are an excellent investment because they can be used on every trip.

Written by Misha Treays
Misha has been a travel writer and a frequent corporate traveller for three years. Apart from being a wordsmith, Misha looks after large corporate events for national clients. When Misha is not travelling, she enjoys spending time by the poolside at home with her 3-year old daughter and her toy poodle named Sasha.

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Science, History and Art

Written by admin on October 12, 2012 – 2:22 am -

Dear daughter’s educational field trip sometime last September was all about science, history and art. We were able to visit  Planetarium, ROPPETS 

GSIS Museum


Science Centrum


and Luneta Park.Photobucket 

Of all the places that we visited, it was in Science Centrum that she enjoyed most because they were able to touch, play around and explore more on the things around the area. I am yet to make the full details of the field trip on my other blog, maybe by the weekend.

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A Long Dream Travel Vacation

Written by admin on September 30, 2012 – 12:59 am -

One of the few things that we have on our dream list for the family is to go on a travel vacation abroad. But a within-the-country travel is also a part of it. Of course, we need to appreciate our very own first before going somewhere elsewhere in the world.

We haven’t get to explore most of the regional places in the PI. The most often place that we get to visit is DH’s hometown somewhere Quezon Province, the place is gifted with natural beauty of nature with its beaches and lovely places worthy of visiting. We get to spend mostly of our summer vacation there.

Going out of the country, we’d love to go the US, Australia and Europe. Ian were able to spend a month long vacation in  Australia and we’d love to go back there with the whole family next time. In the US, a friend suggested to go and visit them somewhere in Pennsylvania. He suggested that we could book ourselves in one of those Carlisle PA hotels that is near in US Army War College, amusement park, theater and other entertainment facility that is very convenient for enjoying our stay there.

Travel vacation is a great activity for the whole family and another way of bringing happy memories that adds up to the joy and excitement that makes the relationship and bond more stronger. A well organized and planned travel is the key to a stress free to fully enjoy the trip and avoid the hassle brought about by traveling. 

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An introduction to the Celebrity Silhouette

Written by admin on August 8, 2012 – 9:45 pm -

If you’ve ever been on-board one of Celebrity Cruises’ ships before then you’ll have some idea of what the company delivers in terms of facilities and accommodation. And if you’re planning a trip aboard the Celebrity Silhouette you’ll be glad to know that standards have not been allowed to slip and if anything are improved on the ship that made its debut in 2011.

The next thing you need to know is that she sails to some of the most incredible destinations around the world in regions as enticing as the coasts of western Italy and the Caribbean. There are plenty of excursion options that give holidaymakers the chance to set foot back on dry land and take in some of the more spectacular sights at a string of destinations. And if taking in the sights is really what cruise holidays are all about as far as you’re concerned then the Silhoutte will steer you right because 85 percent of her staterooms offer sweeping balcony views as standard.

Between times though, when you just feel like just hanging around and spending quality time with your travelling companions, the Silhouette has an abundance of dinning room, bar and café areas, as well as a variety of entertainment options if you are in the mood for some fun. And you can expect the standards of service on-board to be nothing short of exceptional as staff look to make sure guests are indeed granted the celebrity experience throughout the duration of their stay.

If you’re planning your next cruise Thomas Cook should perhaps be your next port of call. The company has a lengthy list of bargain offers available on quality cruises at any one time, including several that could see you setting sail aboard the Silhouette or one of her sister vessels even before the year is out.

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Inexpensive Vacation Trip

Written by admin on August 7, 2012 – 9:14 pm -

If you are getting sick and tired out of the monotony of your daily work or get stressed out easily even at the slightest thing happening around you, taking a break would be the best thing to do.

Going on a travel and vacation trip is highly recommended as it helps out in releasing all those stress brought about by work, studies and other stressful activities. But oftentimes, financial capability adds up to the problem and stress as we could not afford those high rates of the hotels,food and travel expenses, etc.

We have to remember that money should never be a hindrance to enjoy good food, travel, vacation spots.

Here are some budget travel tips that we all can do to achieve that dream vacation trip.

  • Plan Ahead- Create list, jot down all the things needed from budget, travel location, things to bring, itinerary,etc.
  • Book your trip in advance- Take advantage of those promo of the airlines. Air fare are pretty cheap especially during the off peak season.
  • Choose wisely hotel accommodation – There are tons of promos among hotels, but are too good to be true. Convenience, safety and rest after a day of going around and finding a nice play to stay is very essential.

Happy Traveling!

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