Food Tripping Abroad

Written by admin on September 22, 2011

One of the best experiences for every traveler is going on a food trip to  different places that they’ve been in, indulging into sumptuous  meals and trying out different cuisines and specialty foods. DH was able to eat in a Mexican Restaurant when they went to Australia and passed by this alley where you could find most of the “international” restos. He was all praised with their ever famous tacos and burritos. Hopping in from one after another food house really made his trip more exciting.

The next place to visit would be (God willing and with all of us including the kids this time) to the US, Some of DH’s relatives is inviting us for a vacation. Hope that we can try out the Boston restaurants this time. As early as now, we are doing research and hitting the Boston restaurant guide Keyword upon searching  into the internet. We’ve been using the Chinese restaurants Boston  Keyword too to find the nicest and must try chinese restos there. It will definitely be a fun and tummy-filled memorable vacation for the whole family if ever.

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