High Tech Musical Gadgets

Written by admin on June 4, 2016

Back in the day, the only thing that we are used to when it comes to music is guitars and piano. We are just contented hearing singers humming with the strumming guitar and mellow of the piano in the background But things have changed and that is so for the good and betterment in the music industry. Now there are now high tech musician’s gadgets used like ik multimedia that  combine the sound quality of analog with the versatility of digital. Cool right?! No wonder how enjoyable it is to watch concerts and musical showcase in this digital world that we have now.

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MIA in Four Months!

Written by admin on June 4, 2016

Oh My! A lot of things had happen in between those times since my last post here. I got a new job, dear daughter graduated from grade six and she just turned 12, Nicco turned ten years old late last month. The most challenging part was Ian’s toe got amputated last April 27. He’s still recovering up until now. Hopefully he can go back on his feet again! Now, it’s just a couple of days away from 2016 school year for the kids.

Hopefully, these are the things that I want to accomplish before 2016 ends.

  • Achieve good records at work ( ATM, I am the least performer in our team) aiming high to do good at work.
  • travel time with the family- 3 days away from the hustle and bustle of city life
  • set up an online business
  • paid off all of our debts this year.
  • spend more quality time with the family
  • Be able to spend more time to visit my Mom and sisters like we used to in the past years.

For this blog, I’ll be doing a major clean up in my upcoming free time. Aiming to fill this up with updates and keep the ball rolling!


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Top 5 Online Invoicing Solutions

Written by admin on February 5, 2016

Running your own business can be made less stressful by using an online invoicing solution, preventing the need to keep all of your receipts. The Internet offers users the ability to use cloud-based software to store receipts and operate accounting books. Here are the top five solutions available.




Kashoo is an accounting software that is available in over 50 countries and offers over 100 different currencies. This allows you to invoice in a variety of currencies and see the exchange rate immediately. You can also print paper checks and reconcile with your bank to stay on top of your finances at all times. There is a small learning curve, so it is best if you already know how basic accounting procedures. This software is free to use, if you are only allowing one person to handle the accounting. However, if you want to have a few more eyes on the documents, then there are packages that offers the ability to have more users on the software.




Invoicera is another online accounting system that is ideal for global businesses. It offers a base package and then several a la carte services. This makes it great if you need something flexible, but their free option is available for those on a budget. Invoicera offers several languages, payment options, and currencies for businesses while offering a cloud-based and self-hosting platform. To help you determine if this software is for you, there is a 30-day free trial and then you can always subscribe to the month-to-month plan afterwards. There are three plans that vary based on how many clients you have, or you can go with the Infinite Plan that has an unlimited number of invoices available.




If you are a small business or working as a freelance contractor, then Xero is going to be a better option for you. This software works with banks, credit cards, and PayPal to make payments easy. They have a free trail, that allows you to then decide if you want the paid version or continue with the free version. It is important to note that this software is still new and bugs have been reported that take a while to repair. The more expensive the plan, the more invoices you can send and more currencies are available.




Quickbooks is one of the best accounting software packages that is available for businesses of all sizes. It runs on all operating systems and you can import into Microsoft Excel. Most importantly, it can provide you with important business reports, including the current business trend. While this product offers a free trial, there are no free packages following the trial.




Finally, Freshbooks is a software that keeps track of bookkeeping, as well as tracks time. It is an extremely easy to use platform and offers multiple forms of payment. There is also a mobile application for iPhones, but the free version of this program only allows you to work with three clients.
When you use online services for your accounting and other bookkeeping, it simplifies your business. You can find more information for getting start-up finances here, which allows you to have more ability to get the software that meets your needs.

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A Week To Go!

Written by admin on February 1, 2016

I would finally be wearing a headset similar to pioneer hdj 2000 as part of my new job starting next week! Nope, I am not going to become a radio dj. Lol! But a call center agent. This is going to be something different and yet exciting work journey for me. I’ve been used to working on a regular work schedule and dealing only with a few co-workers but will now deal with a lot of people around me. So looking forward to these new changes in a positive way. Bring it on!

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Hello 2016!

Written by admin on January 11, 2016

Oh wow! I am so sorry for not updating this blog for a couple of months now. I still can’t keep up with the updates because our PC is not yet fixed. I am just using my mobile phone to get things done as to my online activities. Hopefully, when things are settled offline, i can catch up here.

I am not yet even done with giving Christmas gifts to some of my friends and relatives would you believe?! I am still looking around for the ac4 that I promised my brother for his guitar as a Christmas gift. Hope I can find one soon or it would turn out as a Valentines gift if ever. Haha!

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